Wedding And Civil Ceremony Bar Hire

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Contact form title: Hire the Mobile Barbastic Wedding And Civil Ceremony Bar in Selsey, Chichester, West Sussex and Hampshire area, by:
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Home page title: Wedding And Civil Ceremony Bar Hire
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A tailored bar to suit your wedding or civil ceremony theme and venue through decorations, colour scheme and menu choice.

With a long list of items that are needed to create the perfect wedding or civil ceremony, take the stress out of at least one of those by hiring Barbastic’s portable bar.

Not only will we tailor the bar to suit your theme and venue, but we will worry about keeping the stock flowing, the beers chilled and the glasses cleaned. Most importantly, we will ensure that drinks are always poured in good time so you can enjoy your big day.

With packages to suit every budget, we can work with you to ensure that you have the bar of your dreams – as well as the partner.

Our friendly staff has experience in catering for large and small weddings. Good staff can make all the difference to the success of your big day, and at Barbastic we pride ourselves on our professional, polite and efficient bar staff.

People attend weddings and civil ceremonies all the time – make yours stand-out with our unique take on classic drinks and desserts.

Instead of the traditional wedding pudding excite your guests with your personalised Dessert Cocktails.

Contact Barbastic today and cross ‘find a bar’ off that dreaded ‘to do’ list…gosh it feels good to do that!